Progress report: Week 10

The last few months have been good to me. Viktor was born, I won a Playstation 4 in a contest, and we managed to score tickets to a Radiohead concert in Oslo next June even though they were sold out within 2 hours. My birthday is coming up soon, too. I’ll be 24 years old on November 25th, and Viktor will be 3 months old the day after that. I’m still waiting to hear that sweet baby laughter for the first time.… Read more

Progress report: Week 9

As of today, I’m down 20kg since Viktor was born. I’m really surprised I’ve lost as much weight as I have, considering the fact that I have been eating an extraordinary amount of crap lately. I also “forgot” to exercise ever since that one time I did some half-assed yoga. Man, yoga is work. My ass is lazy.

I’m glad I have Lemon to pick up some of the slack so I can allow myself to be lazy some days.… Read more

Progress report: Week 7

Oops, I accidentally skipped a week of reporting progress.

Week 6 I was on a road trip across the country with Lemon and Viktor. We drove 12 hours to visit my side of the family because they still hadn’t met the little guy. They passed him around like a game of hot potato until the entire room had held him. I also have a cousin who gave birth 4 days after me, and we met up with her as well to see if our babies would get along.… Read more

Progress report: Week 5

This week has been relatively uneventful. On Thursday I woke up utterly convinced that it was Tuesday. I guess that’s what they call momnesia.

Speaking of which, a few weeks ago I accidentally stole $5 worth of minor items at a shopping center. It really was an accident, I promise. I was going to pay for the items I had picked out, but placed them into a shopping cart under some bags, and when I had walked around the store for a little while I simply forgot I had them and left the store.… Read more