Viktor is 5 months old!

Viktor turned 5 months old on January 26, and I can’t help but feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world to have such a cute little boy for a son. He laughs, he screams, he wants to grab everything and put it in his mouth, but you still want to just grab the little bundle of adorableness that he his and smother him with a billion kisses.

He got his first teeth, too. On December 27 I noticed the tip of a tooth in his lower gums in the very front, and then about two weeks later the one next to it popped up as well.… Read more

Quick update on quitting soda/candy

Okay, it’s the end of the second day of no Pepsi Max or candy counting yesterday and today. I feel strangely okay, except for the annoying thirst I have in the back of my throat. The kind of thirst only Pepsi Max could quench. I’ve also been thinking about chocolate all day. Just non-stop, every second of the day, chocolate has been lurking around in my mind. It’s fucking annoying as shit. I’ve heard that once you stop drinking soda your tastebuds come alive as well, so food will taste better.… Read more


Viktor is 4 months old!

Obviously, since I’ve been gone for three months, Viktor turned 4 months old like two months ago around Christmas. We still made sure to snap a couple of pictures for the occasion.

This Christmas we celebrated with my mother, two sisters, two of my many aunts, and three of my hundreds of cousins. The food was delicious, the presents were great, and the atmosphere just all round Christmassy as hell. Viktor, especially, got a ton of presents.

Viktor started the evening by screaming my ears off, refusing to sleep and to calm down.… Read more


Three month hiatus over; going to quit soda and candy

Wow, it sure has been a while since my last post. Viktor has grown three months, and I haven’t really lost as much weight as I should have. I have my reasons for this, though.

I’ve been losing hair like crazy since Christmas, and it’s been making me feel horrible. As if I didn’t have a shit self-image already, now I’m fat, ugly, AND I’m going bald? Jesus. (Yeah yeah, I know I’m not actually going bald, and that hair loss is a very common side-effect from breastfeeding.… Read more

Progress report: Week 15

I decided to give myself a birthday present this year, and that present was two weeks of not having to report any progress, so I skipped week 13 and 14. To be honest I’ve just been swamped with stuff to do for Christmas, mostly because I’m crocheting gifts for a bunch of people this year.

Lemon and a bunch of my family members got together and bought me a gift as well: A SEWING MACHINE! The last time I used a sewing machine I think I was 10 or 11 years old, when they made us use them for school.… Read more


Viktor is 3 months old!

Another month has passed, and Viktor keeps growing. He’s always trying to eat his hands, and these days he’s so close to start laughing it’s killing me. Why can’t he just do it already? He’s also making these adorable baby-talking noises. You can think what you want, but babies (and my baby especially) are super cute.

He started sleeping in his own bed last Monday, and it’s going surprisingly well. We still have to either feed him or rock him to sleep, but at least now I only feed him two times per night with more hours in-between.… Read more

Progress report: Week 12

I’m tired. We’re trying to teach Viktor a better nighttime routine, but whenever we put him to bed he just cries and screams forever. Ironically, he’s probably just crying because he’s tired. In the end I have to rock him to sleep almost every night. We purchased a baby monitor today, so we’re gonna try to have him sleep in his own bed from now on. He’s been sleeping in a baby nest in our bed these first few months.

It’s probably going to be difficult for him to get used to sleeping in his own bed, since we already made the terrible mistake of rocking him to sleep every night the past few weeks.… Read more

Progress report: Week 11

This week I freshened up the baby carriage mobile I made. There were a couple of design flaws, and I wasn’t happy with the colors I had initially used for the spheres. There was no clear theme going on, just a random splash of colors that didn’t go well together.

This time I made a plan for it. I shortened the thread that the figures were hanging from, because they were hanging much too low. I also replaced the thread the mobile itself was hung from.… Read more

Six things I didn’t know I needed

So you’re expecting a baby soon (or you just had one) and now you’re doing some research on what you need to buy to make your life easier. I’m certainly not an expert, but I want to share some of what I’ve learned through trial and error and hopefully provide some useful advice about what you’ll need.

There’s a number of obvious things you’ll need to buy in preparation for your newborn. A car seat and a pram are probably the two first things you should look into, and a good changing station and diaper bag are great investments.… Read more