Progress report: Week 9

As of today, I’m down 20kg since Viktor was born. I’m really surprised I’ve lost as much weight as I have, considering the fact that I have been eating an extraordinary amount of crap lately. I also “forgot” to exercise ever since that one time I did some half-assed yoga. Man, yoga is work. My ass is lazy.

I’m glad I have Lemon to pick up some of the slack so I can allow myself to be lazy some days. Parenting is hard work. It’s hard, but it’s easy. I mean, if it was a job, it would be the worst job. But it never feels like a job. It feels like a prize I won.


My two most favoritest people in the world

Speaking of prizes I won, holy shit! I won a PS4 and a Playstation VR from a Pepsi Max contest! It’s one of those things where you download an app for Apple or Android and scan Pepsi Max bottles. Each time you scan one, you have a chance to win. So I’ve been doing this for maybe four days, and one day it was taking an unusually long time to scan one of the bottles. Suddenly a message pops up on the screen and says “YOU HAVE WON A PS4”. My brain went “this can’t be real“, but this was the official app. It had to be real. Then I got an email to confirm they had shipped the Playstation and let out a yelp. I WON A THING.

The only other time I won something the prize was a Twilight DVD. That felt more like a loss, to be honest.




Start weight: 127.7 kg (281 lbs)
Current weight: 107.6 kg (237 lbs)
Total difference: -20.1 kg (44 lbs)




Week 0


Week 9

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