Progress report: Week 8

This week I haven’t really done anything except crocheting. I have six projects I have to finish by Christmas, two of which ideally should be done before November. I’m almost done with one of them, but Viktor is taking up a lot of my time.

Comic by Jim Benton

It’ll be good when he gets a little older and he can occupy himself with some toys.

Speaking of which, when I was in Greece last May we came across a wonderful little toy store on Naxos. It was full of hand-made wooden toys, musical instruments, and games. It was great! We ended up buying a wooden rattle that was hand-made by a German company called Mader Kreiselmanufaktur. It had a really soft and nice sound, so as not to drive us crazy. We also bought a yoyo and a flip-around spinning top made by the same people. He won’t be playing with those two things for long time still, but they were just too nice to not buy.

If you’re ever on Naxos it’s worth visiting this shop, even if you don’t have kids. There are games and things to buy for children of any age, and the people who work there are amazing. They insisted we play a number of games with them while we were there, and we had a blast. The shop is called Ηλιαχτιδα (Sunray). Here is their Facebook page.



Start weight: 127.7 kg (281 lbs)
Current weight: 108.2 kg (238 lbs)
Total difference: -19.5 kg (42 lbs)

Week 0


Week 8

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