Progress report: Week 7

Oops, I accidentally skipped a week of reporting progress.

Week 6 I was on a road trip across the country with Lemon and Viktor. We drove 12 hours to visit my side of the family because they still hadn’t met the little guy. They passed him around like a game of hot potato until the entire room had held him. I also have a cousin who gave birth 4 days after me, and we met up with her as well to see if our babies would get along. They weren’t particularly interested in one another. Then again, a 6 week old baby isn’t really interested in anything.


Jenny and Viktor, 4 days apart in age.

When it comes to weight loss, both last week and this week have been kinda terrible. I made a lemon cake for the family gathering, and then a marzipan cake for Lemon’s birthday yesterday. That’s an awful lot of cake to consume in two weeks, but I’m not going to deny myself a few slices of cake just because I’m trying to lose weight. Cake is a part of life sometimes. Cake.


Marzipan cake for Lemon’s birthday.

I also bought myself a new camera and some new lenses. For you nerds out there, that’s a Canon 70D camera, and two prime lenses at 50mm f/1.8 and 24mm f/2.8 STM. This should allow both future photos and the next video I make to be of a much crisper quality, and if you’ve got an eye for that sort of thing you may start to notice future portrait shots with a lot more of that delicious bokeh.





Start weight: 127.7 kg (281 lbs)
Current weight: 109.1 kg (240 lbs)
Total difference: -18.6 kg (41 lbs)



Week 0


Week 7



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