Progress report: Week 43

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve finally hit a new milestone in my weight loss journey;

I weigh 99 kg!

I probably could have gotten down to two digits a few months ago, but I plateaued for a while and had to figure out a way to change up my weight loss strategy. I’m glad to say I’m losing weight again now, at a steady pace. Up to 1 kg per week seems to just melt off me, and it feels great to look at the scale from week to week.

At this point, my cravings for soda or candy are completely gone. Occasionally me and Lemon will share a small bottle of coke for a fancy meal, but that’s less about cravings and more about enjoyment. As long as I keep my calorie intake low, I’ll lose weight.

I’m not even actively tracking calories anymore. It’s no longer necessary. Instead, my body has started to track the calories for me. Basically as long as I don’t feel terrible, I haven’t eaten too much. And most of the time, that means I eat only about half of what I used to eat. One slice of bread for breakfast, instead of two. Water instead of chocolate milk. We’ll even use lunch plates for dinner instead of dinner plates to make sure the portions are small enough.

Eating less, eating healthier, and losing weight feels amazing. Two digits, baby.



Start weight: 127.7 kg (281 lbs)
Current weight: 99.7 kg (219 lbs)
Total difference: -28 kg (62 lbs)

weight loss graph - week 43

Week 0


Week 43

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