Progress report: Week 12

I’m tired. We’re trying to teach Viktor a better nighttime routine, but whenever we put him to bed he just cries and screams forever. Ironically, he’s probably just crying because he’s tired. In the end I have to rock him to sleep almost every night. We purchased a baby monitor today, so we’re gonna try to have him sleep in his own bed from now on. He’s been sleeping in a baby nest in our bed these first few months.

It’s probably going to be difficult for him to get used to sleeping in his own bed, since we already made the terrible mistake of rocking him to sleep every night the past few weeks. But we’re going to be sleeping at my grandmother’s house this Christmas, so we really need to retrain his sleepytime routine before then.


I look like a robot from the future

On a side note, look what I got! FOR FREE! Contests are amazing, especially when you win.

Turns out the Playstation VR is fun, but far more so if you have the Playstation Move controllers as well. So I guess I’ll be purchasing a set of those as soon as I have money to spare.



Start weight: 127.7 kg (281 lbs)
Current weight: 104.8 kg (231 lbs)
Total difference: -22.9 kg (50 lbs)


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Week 12

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