Viktor is 6 months old!

Viktor turned 6 months old a few days ago, and he got his first haircut to prepare for the photoshoot! I saved up a little bit of hair in a small bag to store in his baby book. My mother did the same for me, and it’s quite fun to see the difference in hair color from when I was a baby and compare it to my hair today.

It was about time to give him a haircut anyway, because he kept getting hair in his eyes, and people kept assuming he’s a girl. And I never really thought about it before, but cutting the hair of a 6 month old isĀ not easy! They just want to grab the scissors (and ideally eat them) or bang their heads into them. I had to block his head from the scissors using my hand, and I kept cutting my fingers.

Haircut difference
On the left is Viktor at 5 months, and on the right is Viktor after his first haircut








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