The effects of 4 weeks without soda

Okay, in my initial soda-quitting post I was apparently a little ambitious in saying I’d try to update the blog every day, but I decided to make this big post instead to detail how it’s been going. It’s about four weeks since I quit soda and candy now, and I have noticed some really significant changes.


Water is suddenly amazing

Now, the biggest and most important change I’ve noticed: Water tastes amazing. When I drank Pepsi Max every day, water would have a bit of a gross flavor to it, so when I drank it I’d contort my face and almost force it down. Now I have an ice cold glass of water in the morning, and then at least another liter and a half throughout the day. And it’s so seriously delicious and thirst-quenching!


Heightened sense of taste

When I had my first glass of coke two weeks after I’d quit, I couldn’t believe how sweet it was. How the hell did I drink this stuff so often? It was unnaturally sweet, and quite frankly a little bit gross. And that’s fantastic news! Soda just isn’t appealing to me anymore. If someone offers me soda, I tell them I’d rather have water simply because I prefer the taste.

I still have a little bump to get over when it comes to junk foods, though. Pizza and water just doesn’t seem right. It probably will, eventually. Tacos is another thing that used to go only with soda. We had tacos last week, and having water with it was no problem.


I’ve lost weight but my wallet has not

I did some maths. Drinking one 1.5 liter bottle per day, I’d spend over 9000 kr a year on Pepsi Max. And since we’d buy an equal amount of Coke Zeros for Lemon as well, the price is doubled to 18 000 kr, which is roughly $2125!

It’s crazy how much money I’ll save just by drinking water. And that’s not even counting all the money I’ll save from buying less candy and junk food than I used to. Soda and bad foods go hand in hand, and drinking less soda seems to make me crave less junk.


I’m feeling less bloated

Another thing that has changed since I stopped drinking Pepsi Max, is that I’m not so bloated anymore. It used to make me burp and fart like a.. something that burps and farts a lot. But I don’t do that anymore. I also have a lot more energy. I exercise almost every day now. I used to not exercise at all. Now I do both yoga and some general (easy) exercises in my living room, sometimes both in one day. They’re easy because I’m extremely out of shape. But I’m positive that if I keep it up I’ll be able to do tougher exercises, and I’ll be in decent shape sooner or later.


..But my skin is suffering

One weird thing I’ve noticed that may or may not be related to quitting soda, is that I have a lot more face acne now. I’m not really sure why that is. I’d think that facne would be less frequent, if anything. My skin feels dryer too. Maybe it’s just in my head, or just not related, but if it is I have to change my skincare routine. I’ve started using the app Fabulous, maybe I’ll add something like “skincare routine” into it, because I’m bad at remembering stuff.

Lemon thinks that my skin is just having a reaction to a big dietary change, and that it’s “in a state of shock” which is just temporary.  Hopefully he’s right. I mean, it seems counter-intuitive that drinking more water and less fizzy chemicals would make your skin worse.


An occasional fuck-up is okay

I have had a few glasses of soda during this period. I haven’t had any Pepsi Max, however, which was my biggest addiction. But we had takeout pizza on one or two occasions where we were simply too exhausted and famished to cook dinner from scratch. And as I said before – junk begets junk. We had a coke with the food. I have completely abstained from any soft drink that had artificial sweeteners in it, though.

But you know what? That’s okay. I might indulge myself with a small chocolate bar, or have a coke at a resturant. The point isn’t to be a complete Nazi about this, the point is to break the habit. And I think that habit is more or less broken at this point.

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