Viktor is 10 months old!

Viktor has turned 10 months old! It’s only a couple of weeks ago that he managed to stand up by himself without holding on to something. He can’t walk yet, and he’s not standing up on his own, but now and then we do manage to make him let go of whatever he’s holding on to.

It’s strange seeing someone so small grow up so fast, learning new things every day and slowly progressing.



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Viktor is 9 months old!

Viktor got a whole month older a few days ago, and I keep seeing more of his personality every day. He has the best laughter, and he loves being tickled almost as much as he loves the anticipation of maybe being tickled in the future. Sometimes he’ll randomly shoot me a look, I’ll make a stupid face, and he’ll laugh his pants off. It’s the best thing.

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DIY cat shithouse

We have two cats, and with cats comes litterboxes. Our apartment isn’t massive and we have to have the litterbox out in the open in the hallway, which isn’t exactly ideal with a little baby crawling around. There’s a sliding door between the living room and the hallway, and it was only a matter of time before Viktor figured out how to open it. So we decided to build a little house to keep the litterbox in. I got the idea from this reddit post.Read more


Viktor is 8 months old!

My boy is a month older already. At 6 months he could crawl. At 7 months he was standing up by holding on to something, all by himself. And now he’s walking (or, I guess, sidling) around the table while holding on for his dear life.  He also got another two teeth, which makes 4 so far. My little baby doesn’t seem like much of a baby anymore.

I wake up in the morning, go to his room to get him ready for the day, and I find him standing up in his bed with the biggest grin on his face.… Read more


Viktor is 7 months old!

About a week after Viktor turned 6 months old he started sitting up on his own. The day ofter that, he was crawling! Before he was crawling I kept thinking “come on, start crawling already!” but now I kinda wish he was a little less mobile. Everything has to be baby-proofed, and still he manages to crawl into every nook and cranny that I didn’t think of. I’m basically just on guard all the time to make sure he doesn’t stick his nose where he shouldn’t.… Read more


Viktor is 5 months old!

Viktor turned 5 months old on January 26, and I can’t help but feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world to have such a cute little boy for a son. He laughs, he screams, he wants to grab everything and put it in his mouth, but you still want to just grab the little bundle of adorableness that he his and smother him with a billion kisses.

He got his first teeth, too. On December 27 I noticed the tip of a tooth in his lower gums in the very front, and then about two weeks later the one next to it popped up as well.… Read more


Viktor is 4 months old!

Obviously, since I’ve been gone for three months, Viktor turned 4 months old like two months ago around Christmas. We still made sure to snap a couple of pictures for the occasion.

This Christmas we celebrated with my mother, two sisters, two of my many aunts, and three of my hundreds of cousins. The food was delicious, the presents were great, and the atmosphere just all round Christmassy as hell. Viktor, especially, got a ton of presents.

Viktor started the evening by screaming my ears off, refusing to sleep and to calm down.… Read more


Viktor is 3 months old!

Another month has passed, and Viktor keeps growing. He’s always trying to eat his hands, and these days he’s so close to start laughing it’s killing me. Why can’t he just do it already? He’s also making these adorable baby-talking noises. You can think what you want, but babies (and my baby especially) are super cute.

He started sleeping in his own bed last Monday, and it’s going surprisingly well. We still have to either feed him or rock him to sleep, but at least now I only feed him two times per night with more hours in-between.… Read more