DIY cat shithouse

We have two cats, and with cats comes litterboxes. Our apartment isn’t massive and we have to have the litterbox out in the open in the hallway, which isn’t exactly ideal with a little baby crawling around. There’s a sliding door between the living room and the hallway, and it was only a matter of time before Viktor figured out how to open it. So we decided to build a little house to keep the litterbox in. I got the idea from this reddit post. I drew up a rough sketch of how I wanted it:


I’d been looking for something to build the house with for a while, but had yet to find anything. I needed it to be big enough, but also practically free since we didn’t have much money. I was at IKEA one day when I saw that they had a clearance sale on some ugly kitchen cabinet doors. Any size you wanted, 1 kr (0.12 USD) per door, which was absolutely perfect for me. I picked the size I thought I needed (without really measuring) and brought them home. Turns out the size was perfect. Any bigger and we would have had to saw a lot more, any smaller and the litterbox wouldn’t have fit. LUCKY AF.


They were super ugly, so we decided to sand them down and paint them. In addition, these doors have a glossy and plastic-y finish, so without sanding them first, the paint probably wouldn’t stick. Good thing my mom kept my dad’s old sander.


Here’s Lemon sawing 2 cm off of one of the sides. Pain in the ass to saw such a small cut with a handsaw.


Lots of shit to sand, tiny sander to sand it with. Murder on the arms!


Making sure not to breathe that IKEA poison.


We wanted a cool-looking doorway, but couldn’t decide on a design. I had to get my uncle to saw it for me since it had to be done with a jigsaw. Only uncles have jigsaws.

When we got to my uncles place, I realized we’d forgotten to bring the stencil. Really, we should have just marked the door outline with a marker or something. Anyway, I just had to draw a new door for him to cut when I was at his house. Turned out alright for something I didn’t really measure up perfectly.


This is what we ended up with for a door. Works fine and looks… okay.


We ended up with some spare wood, and decided to add a shelf for poop scoops.


But first, paint! We chose a semi-matte finish called ‘Warm Blush’.


It was super sunny when I started painting, but then out of nowhere it started hailing, so we had to carefully carry the painted pieces inside to dry in the hallway.


Here the shelf we made is fully attached. We then filled all the cracks at the bottom of the shit palace with some acrylic filler. This was to prevent kitty litter from escaping the palace.

For the same reason, we also put a plank at the bottom of where the poop fortress opens, and left a little edge at the bottom of the kitty door when we jigsawed it.


Doors and top installed!


We found the top part at IKEA for almost nothing, already constructed. It was like half a cabinet or something. So we decided to add it and have the cat food and water on top. The original idea was to have the top part standing up high like it is in the picture above. Instead we ended up laying it down.


Here you see the finished result in full use. I was fully prepared to have to put the toilet in the other way, but with a bit of extra luck it turned out to fit perfectly. There was really no more space between the toilet and the wall.


The food container turned out to fit perfectly as well. There wasn’t another millimeter to spare at the top.


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