Crochet: Baby carriage mobile amigurumi

I finally finished something that isn’t a baby blanket! My first crochet amigurumi project – a baby carriage mobile. I didn’t make any of the patterns. I used free pattern recipes for each thing, which you can find by following the links below.

Considering I have never worked with amigurumi before, I’m quite happy with the result.


Youtube tutorial

The video is in Japanese, but it’s still very easy to follow what she does in the video. To make it bigger all you have to do is make a bigger circle.

moon amigurumi crochet



Translated pattern

I could only find two patterns for clouds, and this was the nicest one. It was written in Turkish with a complicated written recipe, so I translated it. The original in Turkish can be found here.

cloud amigurumi crochet



Mohu blog

Very easy pattern to follow, and super quick to make.

star amigurumi crochet



Ideal Sphere by Ms Premise-Conclusion

The purple and green are the “10 row” balls, big blue are “16 row” balls, and the two pink on the side I made myself without a pattern, because I couldn’t find any patterns small enough.

balls amigurumi crochet



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