Crochet: Baby carriage mobile amigurumi #2

I made another baby carriage mobile! It’s for Lemon’s cousin who had a son just a few days ago.

This time I followed a specific theme; Ocean. I’m quite happy with the result.



Ideal Sphere by Ms Premise-Conclusion

The white and light blue balls are the “10 row” balls, and darker blue is “12 row”. The light blue look slightly larger than the white – and they are, but only because the yarn I used for them was slightly thicker.




Tiny Whale

PlanetJune pattern

Super easy to make, and super cute!



Lonemer seahorse pattern

This one took me a couple of tries, but I’m very happy with the result.




This guy was done freehand, because I couldn’t find a pattern I liked. There’s tons of octopus patterns on Ravelry.com, but they’re all too big or too realistic, and that just didn’t work for this project. I initially had him to hanging on the mobile next to the seahorse, but he was just way too heavy. The mobile would hang far too low. So in the end, I decided to just give him as a separate gift.


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