Three month hiatus over; going to quit soda and candy

Wow, it sure has been a while since my last post. Viktor has grown three¬†months, and I haven’t really lost as much weight as I should have. I have my reasons for this, though.

I’ve been losing hair like crazy since Christmas, and it’s been making me feel horrible. As if I didn’t have a shit self-image already, now I’m fat, ugly, AND I’m going bald? Jesus. (Yeah yeah, I know I’m not actually going bald, and that hair loss is a very common side-effect from breastfeeding. It just doesn’t make me feel any better).

Another thing that happened since Christmas is WE MOVED TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY. Yeah. Lemon got a new and very exciting job as a Systems Developer in Oslo, so we decided to pack up our things and move to Nittedal. Moving feels good and exciting and awful all at the same time. You get to look at all the stupid shit you’ve bought over the years and throw out all the trash you never really needed. You also get to find all the socks you have lost over the years that are somehow hiding under every furniture and in nooks and crannies you didn’t even know you had.

But this post isn’t about that. This post is about how I’m addicted to Pepsi Max.

Are artificial sweeteners really a good weight loss tool?

I came across this stuffyoushouldknow podcast, and it had some pretty interesting information on¬†artificial sweeteners. You know why artificial sweeteners reduce the amount of calories so dramatically? It’s because they are hundreds, if not thousands of times sweeter than regular sugar, so you can use just a tiny tiny bit of them to achieve the same effect as a whole bunch of sugar. But consuming something that’s that sweet may be having some unfortunate side effects on our brains. We use sweetness as a flag to recognize that a food is high on calories. But what happens when you’re suddenly consuming stuff that’s so sweet it makes raw sugar seem bland and flavorless in comparison?

Well, the short version is, we don’t really know. The jury is still out. For every study that says something about this, another one comes along and says the opposite. We don’t know if it’s safe and we don’t know if it’s harmful either. However, there are a number of studies that should possibly concern you regarding this.

Did you know a few very serious studies have shown a strong correlation between obesity and consumption of “diet” soft drinks? The leading theory is that artificial sweeteners, because they are so extremely sweet, dull the parts of your brain responsible for correlating the sweetness of a thing to how rich on calories it is. So, you’re supposed to get full after eating a bunch of sweet stuff, but because the brain thinks “this is nothing compared to aspertame!”, it fails to recognize that it’s had enough.

There is also evidence to suggest diet sodas can increase your chances of getting diabetes. You’d think it was only sugary drinks that could do that, but these super sweet substances seem to trick your body into thinking you need more insulin than you actually do. So your body produces more insulin, and increases your blood sugar levels. And since my father had (I say had because he passed away in 2014) diabetes (type 2) I have a higher chance of getting diabetes in the first place.

Neither of these things have been conclusively proven, but we simply have not been studying these substances for long enough to know for sure. I personally absolutely believe that these things are true. I always crave sweet things, and my body never seems to tell me I’ve had enough. This is especially true when I drink Pepsi Max, and I drink Pepsi Max every day.

I’m embarrassed to tell you this, but it’s true. I’m so addicted to Pepsi Max that I drink an entire 1,5 liter bottle every day, some days even more. I am ashamed. No one should be drinking that much soda. I mean, you look at it, and it’s this jet-black, fizzy chemical in a glass. You pour a glass and it goes FSHH. And you can’t help but think that it looks kind of like some sort of evil, poisonous, medieval alchemist brew. The kind of thing you’d use to turn copper into gold or something. I mean, think about it. If you hadn’t been so utterly convinced that sodas were safe, would their very appearance not have scared the crap out of you?

So now what?

So I’ve decided to do something a little drastic, something I have failed to do many times before:

Starting today, I’m going to quit drinking soda.

I’m telling you this because I want to be held accountable, and because I’m going to keep documenting my progress here on this blog. I have tried stopping before, and I ended up supercraving it after only 1 day. I went to the store and bought more, telling myself “this is the last time, I can make an exception just this once”. And then I kept drinking it. Like an addict.

I will be trying to update my blog every day to make sure I keep going at this. I have to stop drinking this shit, both for Viktor’s sake, and for my own health. I expect it will be very difficult. I’ve been drinking Pepsi Max nearly every day for at least 7 years. I expect my body will react dramatically when it suddenly loses access to its Pepsi fountain.

I will also be quitting any kind of candy. That includes salted nuts, chips, chocolate, cakes, anything with a bunch of sugar. This does not include cakes on special occasions like birthdays and weddings. I have to be allowed to indulge a little on occasions like that. But I think for me, psychologically, candy and Pepsi Max are linked to each other. I need Pepsi if I’m eating candy. I can’t have one without the other, so both have to go.

Hopefully this will also speed things up significantly in regards to my weight loss. The Pepsi Max might not contribute any calories directly, but as I’ve gone into detail about above, there’s no way it’s doing me any favors either.

Nothing but water for this girl from now on. I can already feel the abstinence creeping up on me.

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