Viktor is 4 months old!

Obviously, since I’ve been gone for three months, Viktor turned 4 months old like two months ago around Christmas. We still made sure to snap a couple of pictures for the occasion.

This Christmas we celebrated with my mother, two sisters, two of my many aunts, and three of my hundreds of cousins. The food was delicious, the presents were great, and the atmosphere just all round Christmassy as hell. Viktor, especially, got a ton of presents.

Viktor started the evening by screaming my ears off, refusing to sleep and to calm down. So that wasn’t as great, but luckily I have a pretty cool family who don’t mind taking care of either of us. He also got to try his first bit of real food! Some porridge specifically made for babies 4 months and up. He didn’t really know what to do with it, and just kept spitting it out. I guess solid food is quite a bit different than lukewarm breastmilk.

So basically, my plan to teach my son the joy of Norwegian Christmas seems to have fallen through for this year, but by next year we’re gonna have him singing carols and eating grøt until it pours out of his ears.


4 months - christmas




4 months




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