Viktor is 3 months old!

Another month has passed, and Viktor keeps growing. He’s always trying to eat his hands, and these days he’s so close to start laughing it’s killing me. Why can’t he just do it already? He’s also making these adorable baby-talking noises. You can think what you want, but babies (and my baby especially) are super cute.

He started sleeping in his own bed last Monday, and it’s going surprisingly well. We still have to either feed him or rock him to sleep, but at least now I only feed him two times per night with more hours in-between. When he slept in our bed he would wake up more easily most likely because we would move, and so the bed would move. Now it’s completely silent in his room. We should’ve tried this a while ago, to be honest. I’m sure he’ll be able to fall asleep by himself eventually. He still just cries forever if we put him down and he’s not already half asleep.






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